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Welcome to Cooking Organic Food.  We will find together how to eat healthy and organic with fresh products.

Why this mindset?

My name is Maryse, my husband and I have raised 2 wonderful children that are now young adults.  Now it’s time to take care of ourselves.  This will start with healthy eating habits.

Healthy habits are tough to keep with a busy life.  I am looking for ways to cook better, healthy food and organic as possible, chemical-free.

Buying Organic is always better for you.  I also found that there are some products you don’t need to buy organic like any fruits that have thick skin.

Did you know that coffee is the first thing you should buy organic.  There is so much pesticide used for growing coffee.

I saw a dietician to get some advice.  I was always worried about how many calories I should take every day.

She said not to worry about how many calories you are taking every day but watch for artificial sugar.  Replace it with natural sugar that is in your fruits.

Nuts like almonds, cashews, peanuts, are ao a great for snacks.  Choose organic as much as you can.  Sometimes it’s worth paying a bit more for it

People like me

I want to help people to find products that are healthy.  Find the answers to our concerns about food, about cooking.

Our purpose

The purpose of my site is to help you find what you need.  My goal is to research products, recipes that can help you make things easier for your busy  life.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions or if, I can do some research on a specific subject for you, feel free to leave a comment below or email me at admin@cookingorganicfood.com, and I will be more than happy to help.

All the best,




p.s.  I would like to thank WethhyAffiliate program to give me this opportunity to create my own site.  They made it so easy.  No need to be a specialist, the training is free and easy.  The support is amazing. See it for yourself.

One thought on “About Maryse

  1. Hello Maryse,

    You have an awesome website and very informative especially to me who is not inclined to healthy organic foods. Although I like to switch my old traditional foodstuffs to organic food kinds of stuff. We really need to be health conscious to have a better life. As the saying goes “health is wealth”. I would be glad to hear from you again should I need to get a bit of advice on what type of organic food should I buy and fit at my age.

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