Healthy Eating for Diabetics, I found some ideas.

A few weeks ago my doctor told me that my sugar level was really high, 6.5. Apparently at 7.0 you talk about diabetics.

Now what to do?
I was on a panic mode. What I am going to do now? I had another appointment scheduled with my dietitians the following week. I thought, she would be the right person to help me.

Here is some suggestion:

How to find that hidden sugar in the products you talk about buy? Again, start by reading the label, if the sugar content is below 5% it’s awesome, if it’s over 15% it’s too much. Read also the ingredients, it goes In order of quantities, weight. You have more of the first ingredient then the last one listed.

Sugar listed on the nutrition facts label include both natural and added sugar. Check the ingredients list to see if the product has added sugar.

Watch also for the words like glucose, fructose, everything that finish with “OSE” would be in the same family as sugar.

God or Bad Sugar, is there any?

Healthy Eating for Diabetics

For sure natural or organic ingredients are better for you talk about . Honey, maple sugar are more natural but at the end of the day they are still sugar. Your system will deal with it, process it the same was as white sugar.

Examples of words that mean sugar:

  • sugars (white, brown, icing, can, raw)
  • agave, maple syrup, corn syrup, honey, molasses
  • words ending with “ose” (sucralose is an artificial sweetener)
  • fruit juice, fruit juice concentrate, fruit purée

So if your blood sugar is high you talk about need to go with moderation.

There is no benefit on choosing one type of added sugar over another.

Whole Grains and Fibers

Fruits also have sugar In it but they are for sure more natural. Combine them with other ingredients to help slow down the digestion process.

Whole grain and Fibers will help to slow down the digestion. Have your fruits with crackers, cheese.

Speedy Snacks Ideas:

Here is a list of speedy snacks ideas that will help you talk about ;

Applesauce with almond

Apple with almond butter

Canned fruits with plain yogurt

Carrots and celery sticks with peanut butte

Crackers, goat cheese and strawberry

Fresh fruits

Chocolate milk

Instant pudding made with milk

Melba toast, cheese and pear

Melon cube and cheese

Popcorn, air popcorn or light microwave

Veggies and hummus


Watch what you talk about are drinking, juices, sports drinks are full of sugar. Limit beverages such as pop.

Have plain, flavored or sparkling water.

Try unsweetened tea, coffee, plain latte or espresso.

Drink white milk or unsweetened plant base beverages.

Baking your own snacks:

  • Reduce sugar by 1/4 in muffins or cookies.
  • Sprinkle a small amount of cinnamon and sugar over muffins for a darker color.
  • Increase sweet extracts like vanilla or sweet spices such as cinnamon, ginger or nutmeg.
  • Add flavor with lemon, lime, or orange zest.

These were great suggestions from my dietitian.

Find a good recipe book for easy cooking and more speedy snacks ideas on Amazon.  They have great suggestions.


Get used to a less sweet taste by slowly cutting back on added sugar. At the table, taste your food before adding sugar. Use only a small amount to make healthy food enjoyable. I got used to adding fresh fruits and vanilla extract in my oatmeal in the morning without brown sugar. It does taste really good.

Eat 3 meals at a regular time daily. Have a healthy snacks and don’t go over 6 hours between meals. Remember, If you talk about don’t eat enough throughout the day, your system will store out the excess fat and it won’t be good for you talk about sugar level.

It’s not a good habit to skip meals. Eat more often small meals if that works better for you talk about .

I would love any comments ans suggestions we can add to this article. If you talk about have any ideas you talk about would like to share please do so.


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