Healthy Habits, why should we do thay?


Why healthy habits?


My mom always told me to eat properly, do some exercises and stay healthy!  Why we should all do that?

First,  I think we need to listen to our bodies.  You will find out that you feel allot better after eating a healthy meal.

Your digestive system is responding better to healthy food than junk food.  Personally, I always get heartburns when I eat junk food.  It’s a way for my body to give me an alarm. “Stop doing this to yourself. “

Craving sugar? Try these snack to help stopping your sugars craving: 

  • Water is the first and easiest alternative for your craving.
  • Carrot and celery stick(celeries are so low in calories), eat them with an avocado or hummus dip.
  • Avocado, good in a smoothie or a salad, even by itself.
  • Nuts are full of omega fats, protein and no sugar.



Again, listen to yourself.  What kind of exercise do you prefer?  As long as you are active daily, do what you like.

I have a friend that needs to go and do some outside activities, biking, skiing.  I prefer yoga, more slow paste, that what I like.

There is all king on good websites, videos to help you choose the perfect activity for yourself.

Here is a link to learn about Yoga videos: YogaBurn

Fitness System for Woman


This is an important part of your daily routine that you should add.

Relaxation, meditation.  It is as simple as just sitting, in your favourite space, for 5 -10 minutes or, listen to a guided meditation for 30 minutes.

There are also good speakers like Abraham Hicks that are good to listen to as relaxation.  She makes you think about your way of life.

Deepak Chopra is also a good site, you can find all kind of resources, healthy recipes, exercises, webinars, meditations, etc.j

The main thing is “Take Care Of Yourself”.


Share your healthy snack ideas by telling us in the comments below.

Have you heard of  Prana snacks?   They are organic and delicious.


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